DecisionTools Suite Student Version

DecisionTools Suite 8 Industrial – Student

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The DecisionTools Suite Student Version is for full-time and part-time students. The Student Version has academic watermarks on graphs, and is fully functional with no model size or functional limits. It expires twelve months after installation, may not be upgraded or renewed, and may only be installed on one computer. Technical support is available via email only.

The DecisionTools Suite Student Version is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Excel for Windows. It is not compatible with Mac OS or Excel for Mac.

Purchases of the DecisionTools Suite Student Version are final and non-refundable.


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Software provided is single-user desktop licenses

Desktop licenses (also called standalone licenses) are for dedicated use by a single user on a single computer. They are great for busy decision-makers who can’t afford not to have @RISK or the DecisionTools Suite available whenever they need it, and who only use a single computer.

Ask for a quote on concurrent
network licenses

Concurrent network licenses are much more flexible. With a concurrent network license, a certain number of “seats” are available to an infinite number of users. That is, you may install @RISK or the DecisionTools Suite on an unlimited number of client computers. The restriction is placed on the number of users who can run @RISK or the DecisionTools Suite simultaneously (or concurrently). The client machines call a network server, which monitors how many concurrent user seats are available.

Concurrent network license:

  • Permit many users
  • Restrict the number of simultaneous users, not the number of potential users
  • Allow off-network borrowing
  • Allow off-site remote access
  • Have a single serial number for all seats

Technical support and upgrades

Student licenses include email support only, and are not eligible for updates or upgrades during the license period.

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