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Address Thomas Feldsien cGxP Projects 514 Carriage Way South Elgin, IL 60177 USA
Phone 847.695.5215


Areas of Expertise: FDA-regulated industry, Project Risk Management, Product Risk Management, Product Development

Thomas Feldsien is a principal consultant at cGxP Associates, founded in 2001, to provide risk management and project management services to clients in FDA-regulated industry. cGxP Projects relies on Palisade applications such as @RISK, RISKOptimizer and PrecisionTree to estimate project valuation, quantify project risks, and analyze decision pathways. Use of these tools allows us to recommend a high probability pathway for optimal value, especially for product development projects. We also provide project management support for tactical planning and execution of projects once the strategic roadmap is defined. As a subsidiary of cGxP Associates, we have access to quality system best practices and regulatory strategies to quickly break through obstacles that otherwise might increase project risk. Whether you need to accelerate product development, optimize your portfolio, increase operational efficiency or compliance, minimize project risk or get a troubled project back on track, cGxP Projects delivers.

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