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Discern Consulting

Address Guy D’Andrea, President, Discern Consulting 1501 Sulgrave Avenue, Suite 302 Baltimore, MD 21209
Phone 410.542.4470


Areas of Expertise: healthcare management & analysis, specializing in pay-for-performance, value-based purchasing, and managed care environments; decision analysis & simulation; ROI analysis; cost analysis & budget planning; statistical & quantitative modeling tools

Discern provides consulting services to satisfy the needs of the ever-changing U.S. healthcare industry. Discern helps its clients in all aspects of transforming the healthcare system to improve its functionality and efficiency.

Specializing in the areas of pay-for-performance and decision analysis, Discern offers unique expertise in assisting our clients with the development and execution of several successful, national pay-for-performance programs. We have developed numerous customizable, analytical tools for use in implementing these programs, such as ROI calculators, risk analysis, feasibility/readiness assessments, and benefit forecasting analysis (Quality Analysis).

In addition to our analytical expertise, Discern also provides services in project management, organization management, and strategic planning. Visit our website,, for more information.

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