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Dr. David T. Hulett

Address Hulett & Associates, Project Management Consultants, 12233 Shetland Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA
Phone 310.476.7699, 310.283.3527 (cell)
Fax 310.472.8846


Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Risk Assessment and Management, Cost Estimating, Project Scheduling, Defense, Aerospace, Energy, Economics

Dr. Hulett’s clients include McDonnell-Douglas, Raytheon/E-Systems, the US Army, the Air Force Space and Missiles Systems Center, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA, Hewlett Packard, Phillips Petroleum, Mead Corporation, Harris Corporation and Lanier & Bradley. Dr. Hulett has lectured on risk assessment at the Defense Systems Management College, NASA Lewis, Edwards AFB and the Naval Air Weapons Centers. He has presented papers on cost and schedule risk analysis to many professional societies including the annual Risk Management training track at the Performance Management Association (PMA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He has held strategic planning and corporate development positions at TRW and TOSCO Corporation, an oil refiner with synthetic fuels projects. He also served in numerous federal government positions, including the Federal Energy Administration and Department of Energy. He was an Instructor in the Department of Economics at Harvard University, and earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University. He is a member of many professional societies, including PMI, the Society for Cost Estimating and Analysis, and the American Economic Association.

Click here to view “Schedule Risk Analysis Simplified,” a slide show presentation prepared by Dr. Hulett.

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