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Dr. Susan Peterson

Address 11923 Longleaf Lane, Houston, TX 77024 USA
Phone 713.266.4593
Fax 713.266.0024


Areas of Expertise: Energy, especially oil and gas models: reserves, production forecasts, capital investment, and cash flow; General project investment and cost estimation models; Training and assistance in all DecisionTools products; On site classes for 7 people or more. Seminars for managers.

Dr. Susan Peterson has more than 16 years of experience working as a project manager, senior drilling engineer, and faculty member. She has been an associate of Jim Murtha since January 1999. Susan performs project-specific risk analysis and provides training on decision and risk analysis. She served as project team leader for a risk analysis and decision methods initiative, and was responsible for integrated risk analysis for full-field development projects, including probabilistic estimates for time and cost, selection of appropriate technology, strategizing terms and conditions, and overall project economics. Susan was assistant professor of petroleum engineering at Marietta College; she has PhD and MS degrees from Texas A&M University and a BS degree from Marietta College, all in petroleum engineering.

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