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@RISK or DecisionTools Suite Standalone

If you have a current maintenance plan for a perpetual, standalone license of @RISK or DecisionTools Suite, use our online form to obtain your free upgrade to version 8.

Note for Microsoft Project Users
Although @RISK 8.x does not include the link between @RISK for Excel and Microsoft Project schedules that was offered in previous versions of @RISK, we are actively evaluating how to best perform schedule risk analysis going forward. In the meantime, cost risk analysis and schedules built in Excel can still be simulated as always, and Palisade will continue to support schedule risk analysis with @RISK 7.6. Existing @RISK 7.x users running schedule risk analysis may upgrade to @RISK 8.x and install it on the same machine alongside their previous version of @RISK (although they cannot be run simultaneously).

Other Palisade Products

Please contact Palisade to upgrade any other software, including network versions or DecisionTools Suite software products previously sold by themselves.

About Palisade Software Updates and Upgrades

Subscription software users automatically receive upgrades to the latest version. For perpetual software users of version 7.6.1 or earlier, you are entitled to a free upgrade to a perpetual license of the same edition of version 8 if you have a current maintenance plan for your software. (For example, if you have @RISK 7.6.1 Professional with current maintenance, you are entitled to @RISK 8 Professional if you upgrade during the current maintenance period.) If you are changing editions or do not have a current maintenance plan, contact Palisade Sales for a price quote to upgrade.

Each license of software may be upgraded or updated to each new version only once. That is, a single license may not be used to obtain multiple free or discounted upgrade licenses.

See the software Version History for information about the latest updates.

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